Securaplane Mainship & emergency batteries and onboard camera security systems

CASP Aerospace supplies Securaplane/Enersys mainship and emergency batteries for different aircrafts including your Bombardier Dash8, Q400.

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor of Securaplane/Enersys mainship and emergency batteries, security and camera systems from AZ, USA.

Advantages of Securaplane/Enersys Sealed lead acid batteries:

  • Easy to install with re-block kit.  
  • Cost saving
  • 97% recovery after full discharge
  • Hot and cold weather resistance up to +/- 40 degrees Celsius,
  • 30 months warranty
  • First capacity check after 18 months.
  • Non-hazardous, Non-spillable, ships fully charged.

Airplane batteries

For more than 20 years, Securaplane has developed batteries that outperform industry standards, thus improving safety and efficiency.

Securaplane is the master distributor and design and certification authority for EnerSys Hawker airplane batteries, which are the most sought-after lead acid battery systems for military environments. These batteries, first developed in the 1980s and perfected in the 1990s, outperform NiCad, lead-calcium, and lead antimony in every qualifiable category. This has a quantifiable savings for operators who routinely save thousands of dollars annually by using Securaplane lead acid airplane batteries.

Securaplane offers both main ship airplane batteries and emergency airplane batteries, both of which use sealed lead acid technology. Securaplane emergency batteries outperform industry standards and are currently used in more than 12,000 aircraft platforms worldwide. They are designed for long life and high reliability while providing convenience of service. While providing the safest emergency option available, these emergency airplane batteries feature built-in chargers, thermal control, and battery capacity diagnostic testing.

Both main ship and emergency airplane batteries are built with extremely thin lead plates which are sandwiched between glass-fiber separators. This design prevents plates from shorting while decreasing weight and boosting efficiency. The lead plates are crafted from 99.90 percent pure lead and their thin design allows for more plates per cell, significantly reducing the internal impedance of the airplane battery.

Securaplane’s cockpit door surveillance system (CDSS) ensures that individuals seeking entry into the cockpit are authorized and not under duress. This requires the ability to see the individual requesting entry and clearly identify that person in all cabin conditions (light, dark, movement, etc.).

The basic system consists of three cameras feeding a central processing unit. In turn this feeds video to the cockpit displays or can drive up to three monitors.

To meet all customer security needs, Securaplane's controller allows up to six camera images to be processed simultaneously. Output video interfaces to the cockpit displays and is provided in both analog and digital formats.

Key features

  • High quality video sources with excellent low and bright light performance identifies entrants in all cabin conditions (light, dark, movement, etc.)
  • Full motion video (30 frames-per-second)
  • Video processing that minimizes lag from camera to display
  • Flexible text overlays to enhance pilot cueing
  • Meets comprehensive DO160 ruggedness requirements
  • Can drive up to three monitors directly
  • Recordable video