Mainship battery chargers


BC-1306 charger

  • Part Number : 9750W0538
  • Model Number : 40 Ah Composite (Mark II)
  • Description:

    Securaplane Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) mainship batteries have technology that beats NiCad, lead-calcium and lead antimony in every category of performance, ultimately saving operators thousands of dollars annually.

    Securaplane is the master distributor and design and certification authority for EnerSys Hawker brand batteries for commercial and business aviation in the USA.

    Hawker mainship batteries offer significant performance enhancements compared to competing products.


Key Features

  • Patented charging method :
    Battery receives the optimum amount of charge for any temperature condition and state of charge.
  • Reliability :
    Proven high-reliability fan improves charger reliability, while significantly decreasing weight and volume.
  • Fault storage :
    Charger stores every detected fault in permanent memory to eliminate the guesswork in identifying and solving battery/charger system problems.
  • Alpha-numeric display :
    Status and faults shown on self-contained eight-character display.



  • BC-1302 :
    DC- 10, MD-11, MD-10
  • BC-1305 :
    DC- 9, MD-80 series
  • BC-1306, BC-1309 :
    Bombardier CRJ series, Challenger 604 and 800 series
  • BC-1307 :
    Gulfstream 350/450
  • BC-1311 :
    Gulfstream 650