CASP Aerospace has extensive capabilities for commercial and military aviation crew oxygen masks, and continues to add part numbers to its capabilities on a regular basis. Check our Capability List for details.

Crew Masks

CASP Aerospace has made major investments in order to equip our mask shop with state of the art and fully automated inspection and test equipment designed to give accurate and repeatable test results that allows us to properly calibrate and optimize mask performance. Our factory trained personnel and modern equipment and facilities allow us to provide a top quality product maintained in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations at competitive price and turn times.

Protective Breathing Equipment

PBEs are generally considered scrap once used, and have a specified service life after which they must be removed from service.  Limited repairs are possible to PBEs that have been otherwise damaged and CASP has the capability to carry out the repair of these items in order to allow operators to benefit from the full service life of this type of equipment.

For more information on the Oxycrew® Series PBE, click here.