CASP Aerospace has been maintaining aviation fire extinguishers of all types and for all aircraft applications since 1988, for both military and commercial end users. Our product knowledge and expertise has been hard earned, and extends to virtually every extinguisher used on all aircraft types still flying today. Over the years we have developed excellent relationships with the major manufacturers of aviation extinguishers, and are the only Canadian factory authorized repair center for their products.

Whether it be engine, cargo, APU, lavatory or hand-held extinguishers, we have full capabilities to provide our customers with quality products that have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, using OEM parts, at competitive pricing and TAT.

Our innovative and precise methods, in the hands of our fully qualified and experienced technicians, allows us to cut and re-weld fittings on hermetically sealed fire extinguishers with minimal loss of structural material, thus helping to extend the service life of those products dramatically. Please contact us if you would like more information about the impact that improper cutting of fittings and excess weld penetration has on the service life of hermetic extinguishers. Virtually all extinguisher that we have to declare scrap prematurely are the result of poor workmanship at some point in the product’s history.